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About us

We are well equipped with all necessary “state-of-art” machineries/technologies, and having some 40 experienced specialists in our permanent personnel team.


Our services

Geotechnical Engineering, is interdisciplinary science that explores and study different physical properties of soil and rock formations. Karst Ltd. is executing geotechnical works in all kind of rock/soil materials.

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After 20 years of work expirience, KARST ltd has a large number of equipment. Drilling machines, vehicles, compressors, submersible pump pumps, aggregates, injecting equipment, others.


Our activities

geotehnički istražni radovi

Drilling works

Geotechnical/geological exploratory drilling, installation/construction of geotechnical anchors, micro piles, shotcreting/concrete jetting, drillings for exploitation of geothermal resources.
zaštita građevinskih jama

Construction pit protection

Anchors, self-drilling anchors, permanent and temporary geotechnical anchors; including anchor load testing, driven steel profiles, sheet piles (Larsen), placing of: geotextile.

Slope protection

Temporary geotechnical anchors with steel cables, permanent geotechnical anchors with steel cables, temporary and permanent self-drilling anchors, ground anchors.
bušenje i injektiranje

Drilling & grouting works

During years of presence on construction markets, at home and abroad, KARST has executed numerous grouting projects; as single works or within complementary activities on big projects.
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Hydrotechnical works

Eeconnaissance works on possible underground aquifers, installation of piezometers into drilled holes, execution and installation of water-wells, implementation of water wells.


In addition to many years of experience in geotechnical construction works, KARST d.o.o. holds experience in testing quality of executed geotechnical elements. Findo out which tests we perform.

You have a new project?

Following more than two decades of activities in construction business, today; Karst Company is one of the leading contractor within Croatia in very particular area of civil engineering – specialist geotechnical works.