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O nama karst

Karst Ltd. as a specialist geotechnical contractor has been founded in June of 1995. Name “Karst“ has its roots in German geological terminology; meaning “karst” as a phenomenon caused by water impact against carbonate/CO₃ rocks. Such processes are known as “karstification”. Typical forms of karstification are: caverns, karst fields (sinkholes and estaveles), lost rivers, caves etc.

Main characteristic of karst formations is heterogeneous structure. In overall Croatian geology, some 2/3 of territory is built mostly of limestone or other carbonate rocks (dolomites); and although karstic formations build a significant part of Croatia; company Karst Ltd. is executing geotechnical works in all kind of rock/soil materials; within and/or outside of the Country.

Following more than two decades of activities in construction business, today; Karst Company is one of the leading contractor within Croatia in very particular area of civil engineering – specialist geotechnical works. We are well equipped with all necessary “state-of-art” machineries/technologies, and having some 40 experienced specialists in our permanent personnel team.

Our expertise

  • Drilling works
  • Construction pit protection
  • Slope protection and remedial works on landslides
  • Drilling & grouting works
  • Hydrotechnical works
  • Testing

We do the following work

Geotechnical/geological exploratory drilling;
Drillings for exploitation of geothermal resources
Installation/construction of geotechnical anchors, micro piles
Shotcreting/concrete jetting
Installation of geogrids/protective mesh at slopes –slope stability
Drilling&grouting for restauration/rehabilitation purpose
Drilling and grouting for grout curtains

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering, is interdisciplinary science that explores and study different physical properties of soil and rock formations. As well, within such investigations, geotechnical activities are predicting behaviour of soils and rocks under different circumstances. Based on these analyses, adequate measures/geotechnical products (temporary and/or permanent) being considered and recommended in order to prevent any risky/critical situation that might occur during construction/life of particular structure.

Apart of projects executed at home, we have accomplished also projects abroad; e.g.: Oman, India, Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, France, Slovenia.

Over-all, there are five main fields of Karst Ltd activities: investigation drilling works, protection of construction and excavation pits, repair of landslides/rockfalls and slope protection, drilling & grouting, water research and supply works.

In particular; as specialist GT contractor, Karst Ltd. is licenced to execute following geotechnical works: geotechnical/geological exploratory drilling, drillings for exploitation of geothermal resources, installation/construction of geotechnical anchors, micro piles, driven different pre-casted profiles (steel; concrete, wooden), shotcreting/concrete jetting, installation of geogrids/protective mesh at slopes –slope stability, drilling for, installation and construction of: piezometers and  wells, as well development and testing of wells,  including obtaining legal documents for operation and maintenance of wells and hydraulic structures, drilling and grouting for grout curtains, consolidation & contact grouting at dams and other hydraulic structures, drilling&grouting for restauration/rehabilitation purpose.

As well, Karst is significantly participating; within geotechnical field of works, in many remedial projects on cultural heritage objects all over Croatia.

Licences for execution of above specified works

For execution of above specified works, Karst Ltd. possess following licences:

  1. Licence for carrying out geotechnical works “Approval“; issued by: Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning of Republic of Croatia;
  2. Licence for carrying out groundwater investigational works, i.e.; ”Approval for carrying out groundwater investigational works and other hydrogeological works – drilling for exploratory and production wells“; issued by: Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management, Republic of Croatia.
  3. Licence for carrying out works at cultural properties/heritage, i.e.; “Approval for carrying out geotechnical works at cultural real property“; issued by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia;
  4. Licence for carrying out geotechnical works in Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e.; “The authorization to perform: geotechnical structures, geotechnical studies and tests in the field and specific geotechnical interventions (ground anchors and injection) within Bosnia and Herzegovina”; issued by: Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Federal Ministry of Physical Planning.



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Following more than two decades of activities in construction business, today; Karst Company is one of the leading contractor within Croatia in very particular area of civil engineering – specialist geotechnical works.
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