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Drilling works

With more than 20 years of worldwide experience in executing of numerous drilling works, Karst has been recognised as reliable contractor for carrying out different categories of drilling. In our works we apply environmental friendly methods and drilling technologies worldwide accepted.

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Construction pit protection

KARST has completed a large number of protections of construction pits; individually or in the partnership with other contractors. Goes without saying that such complex and demanding works could not be executed without highly skilled and experienced manpower at any level of the works.


Slope protection and remedial works on landslides

KARST Ltd. possess  an excessive experience in carrying out successful protection and/or remedial works  on landslides by implementation of piles, micropiles, anchors, bored drains and gabion walls.

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Drilling & grouting works

Drilling & Grouting is one of primary activities within KARST  Ltd. scope of works as GT contractor expert. In diverse forms and types, D&G, as geotechnical technique may be applied at different natural and/or artificial environments/objects/structures, at different phases of works.

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Hydrological and hydrotechnical works

As officially registered specialist for hydrogeological and hydrotechnical works, KARST Ltd. has an excellent references in this field of activities. During the years since establishing the Company till nowadays; we have successfully executed numerous projects to the full satisfaction of our Clients/Investors.



In addition to many years of experience in geotechnical construction works, KARST d.o.o. holds experience in testing quality of executed geotechnical elements. The tests we perform are closely related to the mentioned works, namely: standard penetration test (SPT), sampling of disturbed (DS) and undisturbed soil samples (UDS), registering and measuring of groundwater level (GWL), etc.