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Drilling & grouting works

Drilling & Grouting is one of primary activities within KARST  Ltd. scope of works as GT contractor expert. In diverse forms and types, D&G, as geotechnical technique may be applied at different natural and/or artificial environments/objects/structures, at different phases of works. Grouting can take place in soil and rock formations, but also within structures; before, during and/or after main construction.

With respect to grouting materials – dry component; a basic materials are: cement, bentonite and sand. Subject to physical and chemical properties of soil/rock to be grouted, and specific conditions at the site; various friendly environmental additives, mainly polimers, may be used.

Grouting categories are quite a few and are subject to final task, i.e.: main purpose of specific activity.

The primary ones are:

  • grout curtain: preventing erosion and water loss at accumulations by developing and/or improving the watertightness/permeability of foundation soil/rock masses; thus avoiding understreaming of ground water beneath dams and similar structures. Works consist of  plugging a grout mixture under the pressure into/inside the caverns/pores/fractures and/or any other kind of openings;
  • consolidation grouting: strengthening bearing capacity of the foundation ground;
  • contact and prestress grouting: stabilization/improving contacts between different materials/media (concrete-rock-steel) within structures; such as: prestressing of tunnels’ coating;
  • remedial grouting: rehabilitation of exhausted/damaged walls – structures in general

Besides above stated, there are several other practices of grouting, applying in construction works; i.e.: geotechnical works:

  • forming of split-up/separation walls/basins, in order to prevent mixing of potable aquifers with waste or salt/maritime waters.
  • execution of piles with different diameters in soft/non coherent soils; known as “jet grouting”
  • grouting during installation of temporary/permanent anchors

However; the most significant activities among grouting works (all of a/m) are these ones related to construction/rehabilitation of dams and affiliated hydro- technical structures such as:

  • coffer dams; .
  • diversion tunnels/channels;
  • outlet tunnels/channels;
  • adjacent underground structures: water intakes/outlets; water pressure shafts; penstocks; machine halls; generator halls; transformer halls and likewise.

Numerous grouting projects

During years of presence on construction markets, at home and abroad, KARST has executed numerous grouting projects; as single works or within complementary activities on big projects.

Such respectable achievement would not be possible without top skilled personnel at every segment of works, “state of art” equipment, QC&QA feasibilities.