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Hydrological and hydrotechnical works

As officially registered specialist for hydrogeological and hydrotechnical works, KARST Ltd. has an excellent references in this field of activities. During the years since establishing the Company till nowadays; we have successfully executed numerous projects to the full satisfaction of our Clients/Investors.

Such professional attitude resulted in earning of “Authorization to Perform Specialist

Water Investigation Works and Other Hydrogeological Activities – Water Exploratory Drilling and Execution of Wells”; issued by MINISTRY OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, FORESTRY and WATER MANAGEMENT; of The Republic of Croatia.

Following activities are recognised under this “Authorization”:

  1. reconnaissance works on possible underground aquifers, i.e.: assessment if there is underground water on particular location
  2. exploratory drillings; including simultaneous execution of WPT by Lugeon and/or Lefranck method, in all types of soil/rock; at designated positions and in order to confirm presence of underground water;
  3. installation of piezometers into drilled holes with purpose to assess/determine:
  • yield of the identified water horizon, by pump test and/or adsorption test
  • dynamic of underground water, i.e.: underground water table (UWT) and water recovery (WR)
  • physical/chemical/biological properties/quality of water, by taking the samples for required laboratory tests/water analysis
  1. execution and installation of water-wells; that include:
  • drilling/boring in all types of soil/rock
  • supply and installation of blind casing, screen casing-filter(s) and sumps
  • supply of material and installation of buffer zones by use of bentonite clay along blind casing sections and natural gravel along filter/screen zones.
  • water well development (by air lifting) and water well yield test/pump test
  • all necessary reports upon completion of well

Implementation of water wells (single or network); i.e.: water supply from water wells; have various functioning/purpose in many sectors of economy, such as;

  • technical water for industry;
  • irrigation water in agricultural business;
  • potable water for urban areas; geothermal energy usage;
  • on many projects, water wells are in function of decreasing of high underground water table, which may threaten progress and/or quality of main construction works.

High skilled & professional experts

With its team of high skilled & professional experts, as well as with fleet of various “state of art” equipment: drill rigs & drilling tools; compressors; pumps and auxiliary tools;  KARST Ltd. is capable to accomplish water wells of different diameters and depths. Subject to special requirements for particular well design, we can also provide practically every single service upon request from the Client/Engineer.

We will be pleased and honoured to provide an optimal solution for your needs.