geotehnički istražni radovi

Karst Ltd - drilling works

With more than 20 years of worldwide (within Croatia and overseas) experience in executing of numerous drilling works, Karst has been recognised as reliable contractor for carrying out different categories of drilling:

1. Geotechnical/geomechanical investigation core drillings in all types of rock and soil, with sampling and other “In-situ” tests; such as:

Standard Penetration Test (WSPT)

Taking/Obtain Disturbed Samples (DS)

Taking/Obtain Undisturbed Samples (US)

Water Pressure & Permeability Tests (WPT)- Lugeon and Lefranck Method

Water Table Measurement (UWT)

Core Determination/Classification (CD) & Rock Quality Designation (RQD)

2. Structural exploratory drilling for fundamental geological investigation works (Basic Geological Map)consists of:

2.1 Prospective continuous core drilling in unexplored areas for collecting first information on underground geological conditions based on the surface indications and geological cognitions/forecasts.

2.2 Exploratory drilling with continuous coring/sampling in order to determinate mineral deposits/reserves for open-cut and underground exploitations/mines and borrow areas .

3. Drilling for hydrological & hydro-technical purposes and structures, includes following activities::

3.1 Exploratory drillings in order to determine all hydrogeological parameters in the underground geological formations.

3.2 Installation of piezometers for monitoring groundwater quality and dynamics.

3.3 Well drillings for supply of potable water to households

3.4 Technical drillings for make use of geothermal energy/ratio for central heating systems.

4. Drilling for the subsequent grouting works/curtains. This type of drilling includes:

4.1 Drilling of “Primary boreholes” for purpose of determination of all structural, geological and hydrogeological parameters of underground geological strata to be grouted

4.2 Drilling holes for consolidation grouting and regular grouting with various grout mixtures that are pumped under pressure.

4.3 Drilling of inclined test/check holes across grouted zones, in order to take results of grouting works.

5. Drilling for geotechnical structures such as:

  • drilling for installation for different types and diameters of piles and micropiles;
  • drilling for installation of geotechnical anchors;
  • drilling for drainage structures.

6. Drilling for geophysical surveys and cathodic protection.

7. Horizontal and/or other directional drillings under roads,  banks, railways, waterways in order to install different cables for supply of power lines, telecommunication lines and similar.

8. Drilling different diameters trough reinforced concrete structures/walls


All above specified works may be performed in open area and underground/confined space; on-shore as well off-shore.

Worth to be said that, besides using “state of art” equipment & technologies, in our works we apply environmental friendly methods and drilling technologies worldwide accepted.

Having in mind the abovementioned; in our area of expertise and “know-how”, KARST is skilful of solving the most challenging drilling jobs.